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to Palehua Trail Rides

Aloha, thank you for visiting Pālehua Trail Rides. please read these directions to ensure safe passage to our destination! Online maps might not give the correct directions.

Please Google or Apple map to “Pālehua Trail Rides”:

The map will bring you to a locked gate on UMENA Street. Once through please follow these steps:
  • For entrance ENTER CODE #290, the gate will not open immediately it will ring the manager’s phone for remote entrance.
  • When it is answered, only state the name on the reservation. The code is for trail riding guests only, please only state the name on the reservation (the speaker is quiet).
  • Once the gate is opened, please proceed on the road and yield to oncoming traffic. The SPEED LIMIT IS 15 MPH. As you follow the road up, you will begin to see GREEN & WHITE signs that say “Pālehua Trail Rides” or they will have a HORSE painted on them.
  • You will follow this road for approximately 3 miles or 15 minutes. at the 1st FORK in the road please follow along to the LEFT.
  • When you see the entrance to CAMP PĀLEHUA, ENTER THERE! Follow the dirt road into Camp. THE SPEED LIMIT IS NOW 5 MPH.
  • Once you reach the parking lot, look for the YELLOW DUMPSTERS. You WILL TAKE THE ROAD TO THE LEFT of these dumpsters.
  • The road will continue for a quarter mile through 2 OPEN GATES. After the second one you will see the GREEN & WHITE signs for parking. Please park in the open dirt lot to the right. You may then walk to the PICNIC TABLES under the WHITE TENT.
  • If there are no staff in immediate sight, please wait patiently under the tent, we will be with you shortly! We are most likely on the trail or are bringing horses into the barn. Please DO NOT walk into the barn, or approach any horses without staff present, FOR YOUR SAFETY!